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Motivation for the Week

Positive affirmations lead to positive thinking and attitudes. It's always a good habit to start your fresh new day or week with positive vibes. For some that is through music, a few words can do the trick. Here are some to kick-start any day

Self Motivation

How do you motivate yourself? What should I tell myself when I'm feeling like a failure?


So this morning someone called me and told me something that didn’t sit well with me, only for the person […]

Living with Asthma

Asthma is a chronic respiratory condition that causes narrowing of the airways. One of the main symptoms of this disease […]

Harmonious Living

How to live peacefully with others. The world is a jungle out there and its a survival for the fittest […]

How to manage your money.

Financial planning isn’t just for businesses or corporations, each individual earning an income and paying bills should have one and […]