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Discovering your talent.

I recently watched a movie called, “The glass castle”, which made me reflect on the many dreams I have had and still hope to one day achieve that keep on changing every other season. I started with archaeology then acting, analyst, fashion designer, real estate….you name it and it’s probably part of my many dreams. I got scared because if there’s one thing I dread is to die without achieving my dreams, well, actually my goals because my dreams are the gateway to achieving my goals. We are encouraged to pursue what we love, our passion, but what if you can’t figure out what that is? Some people are lucky because they have talents like singing, drawing, sports so it becomes easier to have a clear path in life if they choose to pursue them. I have been struggling to identify what I’m good at because honestly, I yearn for something that will stimulate my brain, something that I will have creative independence over. I figure once I have that then I can work on how to monetize it because bills still have to be paid and needs have to be met. I have done online tests but nothing yet so what exactly is my talent? I initiated such discussions with my friends and discovered that I’m not alone. Many of us are struggling to identify our talents. We all want to do something that we enjoy every day. Most of today’s generation doesn’t want to be stuck in an 8-5 job if it’s not exciting or something we at least enjoy doing but we are scared to leave seeing as that would mean loss of much needed income. We have the basics of how to identify our talents or passions yet we’re still somehow unable to, or are we? 

See sometimes I think it’s because we are looking within ourselves but using standards from what we see in other people’s lives and journeys. We see musicians making a lot of money, actors, sports women and men, artists of every genre and I think we subconsciously relate these as the only talents available. The talent pool is vast….massive and unlimited. We forget that every individual is unique and even if we have the same talent such as singing for example, the voices are still going to be unique and there is space for everyone to shine.

Other times I think the talent is right in front of us but we just don’t see it. Take me for example, I have loved writing since I was small. I even attempted writing a novel when I was around 10 or so years (Will try looking for it) but for some reason it never hit me that it could be my talent. I have told myself a couple of times that I would start writing but I always had one excuse, “that I’m too lazy to sit down and write.” I love and enjoy writing and it comes relatively easy for me. The truth is I lacked confidence and didn’t want to put myself out there.

You can do this. Believe in yourself
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Whichever scenario you fall in I think there is one common denominator; It’s the lack of confidence in ourselves and talents/abilities. There could be many reasons for this so speak kind words to yourself every day or even every minute, be your biggest fan, do everything in your power to not just fight it but beat it (lack of confidence) and don’t you ever attempt to give up. Keep on trying to discover your talent and don’t overlook anything you enjoy no matter how small it is. Start by making it your hobby. This will give you something to look forward to after work or every day and eventually you find that it gets easier to wake up every morning, you become more positive at your work place. Baby steps. Once you get the hang of it, see how you can monetize it if you want. It’s completely okay if you want it to remain a hobby. Have that extra income and invest more for your future. Later you can quit your job comfortably and do what you love.

Be You. Be Happy. Spread some love.

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