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Once upon a stressful day……

I was going through some articles that I have written over the years( but never published or read by anyone else) and I came across one that I can’t stop thinking about. It’s the tone of the article, I seem to have been really angry at the time. So I decided to post that today. Perhaps there’s someone going through the same or present a different perspective. Some of my views have changed since then, but here, have at it……….

When did life become this hard? On top of all the economic hardships we are facing comes relationship woes. I wish there was a Life manual where you could get your solutions to every challenge we face, I mean, with all the technological advances of this age nobody can come up with a LIFE MANUAL?

Sometimes I think life can be simple, it’s just that it’s so human of us to complicate everything. This is my ideal simple relationship and please ignore the fact that am still single, maybe this might bag me some gentleman out there;

a) We are clear from the beginning whether we are just fooling around or are working towards cultivating something long-term (Every time I mention the latter, people think am proposing or something. Look, just because both parties agree to get into a relationship doesn’t mean it’s going to work out or it should be forced to work out. It can pan out in one of two ways, either it works or it doesn’t. And sometimes it’s one person who isn’t fulfilled by the relationship and that is okay, it only works if both parties are fully committed to it.)

b) Can we all be faithful and loyal? Faithfulness – No cheating physically or emotionally…..Loyal – Always stand by your partner even when they are in the wrong, stand by them but reprimand them in the privacy of your home or something undefined

c) Nobody is perfect, period! – Everybody comes with a package of good and bad attributes. I believe that if you can stand the bad and not have it bothering you, then good fight for that one, but if you can’t stand those little annoying habits or traits then leave, because you’ll never change another human being, ever! And please let’s stop the habit of trying to change people or living with the hope that an individual will change, this rarely happens although in some cases it does. But the thing is, an individual will only change if and when they want to, not because someone else is forcing them.

d) Keep your business to yourselves – In as much as we, the public, like being entertained by other people’s drama, please keep your relationship business to yourselves. Because people’s opinions usually get to us sometimes and you may not know their intentions, there are people who celebrate in others’ misery. However, don’t shy away from seeking counsel from professionals, respectable churchmen and women or people in society or simply just within your circle. Don’t forget there’s a difference in seeking counsel and gossiping.

However, just like you I still battle with some unsettling questions trying to figure this life out; How do you know the right person for you? How do you know when enough is enough? How do you know someone is taking you for a ride? How do you REALLY forgive and forget? Please can we just have a MANUAL???

I will say this though, whoever did this to me know that you’re forgiven because i can’t for the love of me remember what this was about undefined

Be You. Be Happy. Spread some love

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