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Motivation Monday

Truth is everybody is going through something.We all handle our problems differently and that’s why there are people you’ll always know have problems, and those you can never tell. Knowing that isn’t supposed to make you feel better, it’s for you to always remember that we are all the same underneath. You can’t change people around you but you can change your attitude.

Changing your attitude changes your reaction to different situations. People are bound to hurt you and disappoint you but that doesn’t necessarily make them bad people and even if they are, there may not be much you can do.

Learn to love yourself more and more each day. You can’t love another human being if you don’t love yourself first.

Learn to appreciate all blessings in your life. You’ll have moments when you can’t see them so it will be your duty to look for them but make sure you find at least 3 things every day to be thankful to God for.

Learn to share your blessings with those around you. Humanity demands that we care for each other.

Speak kind words to yourself all the time. Be your biggest fan. Believe in yourself. Believe in those wildest dreams you have. That’s the first step. Then work towards it. Don’t allow anyone to dim your light.

You have power over everything within you, use it.

Start every day, every week with positive vibes.

Be You. Be Happy. Spread Some Love.

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