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Harmonious Living

How to live peacefully with others.

The world is a jungle out there and its a survival for the fittest kind of vibe. You have to be strong to survive. Emotionally strong not physically strong. You can’t expect people to always understand or have your best interests at heart honey. That’s the cold but sad truth.You have to hope for the best but be prepared for the worst. Most friendships are lost because of high expectations from one or both parties. We are all selfish, it’s the degree of selfishness that separates us. People are wired to look out for their own interests first and that’s everyone, nobody is an exception. Bottom line, you have to look out for yourself first before anything else. There is however a cardinal rule that goes with that, ‘Don’t infringe on anyone’s legal and basic human rights.’ You can not love anyone else until you love yourself and once you love yourself you’ll be inclined not only to looking out for yourself but for others as well. You have now gotten to a place where you love and accept yourself, what next? Your relationship with others.


Love yourself unconditionally first.

You are special. You are unique. Nobody is perfect. We all have flaws and imperfections whether physical or otherwise. Love them and accept them because God doesn’t make mistakes. Beauty about loving YOU is that you get to appreciate your worth. You refuse to let people take advantage of you, you’re able to share that love with everyone, you’re able to accept when you make mistakes and you learn that sometimes it’s not you it’s the other person (hurt people hurt people) and instead of getting rallied up or holding grudges you let go, pray for them and love them. You have that power, it’s in you.

Always be thankful to God

Your life is a gift, thank God for it. Being healthy is a gift, thank God for it. Being sick and still alive is a gift, thank God for it. Having a roof over your head is a gift, thank God for it. Having had time with your parents and family and feeling that love in your life whether some are still with us or not is a gift, thank God for it. Having a job now or at some point in your life is a gift, thank God for it. You’ve lost your job or a loved one or simply lost something you cherished but are somehow managing, it’s a gift, thank God for it. It doesn’t matter where your life is at now, look around and within you, you’ll find a gift, thank God for that.

Love your neighbors it is one of the greatest commandments after all

Neighbors in this case doesn’t just refer to those living close to you, it’s your friends, it’s your colleagues, it’s that shopkeeper, it’s that police officer, it’s that waitress, it’s that janitor, it’s simply everybody else around you. Love unconditionally. Don’t love expecting to be loved in return. Love because you can.

Always appreciate others by saying thank you

These two little words can melt just about any heart,Thank You. When someone does something for you whether they went out of their way or just doing their job, say thank you. Say thank you to your parents or guardians every morning after waking up for the roof over your head, say thank you for the food they have provided, say thank you because they brought you to this world or for taking care of you, say thank you for them always being there. Say thank you to the server at the hotel, say thank you to the attendant at whichever premises you are in, say thank you to the janitor for the clean space, say thank you to your domestic managers for the work they do at your house, say thank you to the security men and women for keeping you and your property safe. Say Thank You.

Share your blessings

We all have blessings in our lives and it’s our duty to share with others. Most of the times when we hear sharing we automatically think that this requires a substantial amount of money. That can’t be further form the truth. There are so many things we can share, it can be our time to lend an ear to a troubled heart, our talents like singing for entertainment at a charity event to raise funds or just to entertain our loved ones (it can be uplifting), drawing plans or designs to bring someone’s ideas to life, cooking for someone with a gathering, write an encouraging note to someone……list is endless. We can share a part of our meals with someone we know who needs it, a packet of flour, buy a book for a needy child. Sharing goes a long way no matter how small you may think it is or how big your pockets/resources can allow. Cultivate a culture of sharing the little or the much you have right now. Why should someone out there suffer while you can help?

Think before you talk

Words can be a powerful weapon, they can make or beak someone’s spirit. Before you say something, think about the weight your words carry and possible effects to the recipient. Sometimes silence is bliss.

Assume the best expect the worst

Be positive even when it hurts because without hope, you’ll live a dull life. People, including friends and family are bound to hurt you but don’t automatically assume they did it out of ill intentions. Sometimes people do bad things because of the situations they find themselves in and other times we assume people’s actions are bad because of our pride and ego. Be careful with these ones (pride & ego), they can make you do bad things yourself. At the same time don’t forget that there are bad people out there and sadly, sometimes our loved ones may not have the best of intentions.This is where you remind yourself that it’s them not you so just forgive, forget and let go, pray for them and continue loving them. Revenge is not our responsibility and as much as it’s hard sometimes to accept, everything happens according to God’s plan which is always for our good.

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