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COVID – 19. The invisible monster but can we have some little fun with it?

I intentionally shy away from political-like issues as they can be quite draining but most importantly because I tend to always have opinions contrary to everyone. This COVID situation however has had some borderline outrageous and weird stories revolving around it. So today just for fun let’s play with some of them.

The number of confirmed Covid cases is exaggerated. ” Why don’t I know someone who knows someone who knows someone who knows someone who has it? ” How many times have you heard or seen this question being asked? Kenya for instance has a population of over 50 Million and so far the confirmed cases are over 12000 countrywide. The total population worldwide is over 7 Billion and confirmed cases in total are a little over 14 Million. Can someone explain to me how I don’t know anyone or heard of anyone with the disease? πŸ€”

The government only wants money from donors that’s why they’re making up this COVID situation. All the doctors and medical practitioners in general at various hospitals are lying to us about it. It’s not just the government made up of thousands of employees but also the representatives of WHO, IMF, UN and other organizations present in the country are in on it to defraud their own organizations. If that is not the biggest con, I don’t know what is. πŸ˜†

But seriously, can you imagine that the Ministry of Health representatives have just been holding press conferences every day just to, I guess, instill fear in us as well as propagating the situation to keep on getting free Money? That the president and council of governors had that meeting on county preparedness just to sell this charade. Gosh, even the facilities being set up by counties are all just to push the government’s agenda of this fake COVID situation. Oh my goodness even the thousands of medical personnel being hired is also a scam? I stand corrected, this is indeed the biggest con of all. πŸ˜†

Let’s be real people, Covid-19 is here with us. It’s a time to not just think of ourselves but also our brothers and sisters. Take time to do some research about the virus and the precautions to take. We have to contend with the fact that we have to adjust our lifestyles.

There is a new normal. Let’s take care of each other. Follow the set guidelines. Pray. We shall overcome.

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  1. Beats me too. My question whom do you want to get it to believe it you or your loved one. Let’s all follow the guidelines.


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