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Suicide & Self Hate _ Self Love

When you think about it, isn’t it a wonder how the theoretically simplest of things is one of the hardest to achieve? Self love. Why do most of us find it hard to give ourselves the love we deserve? Maybe it’s because society has created this unattainable semblance of perfection. Perfect skin, perfect body, perfect family, perfect couple, perfect marriage, perfect fashion sense, perfect hair, perfect legs, we could be here all day and all night naming all sorts of ”perfects” portrayed out there. Funny how not much emphasis is placed on being perfect humans at heart, no?

I suppose it could have started with the ”perfect models” that we got accustomed to seeing in magazines, with those preconceived “perfect” features. Then as if to add salt to this growing injury came technology and with it, social media, giving us this pressure to always put our best self out there, nay “perfect self”. We all have that one body part we don’t like (some more than others) even if some times we are the only people who see these “imperfections” in ourselves. Then that one imperfection consumes us and feeds into our self-esteem and manifests into this giant mole that all we can see is negative things about ourselves, we hate ourselves. We become so sensitive and think that everyone around us can see these imperfections making us always unnecessarily defensive. And of course, we tend to give out negative energy all the time and assume people are giving us that negative energy. These are the people who become easily offended and always think you are against them and can be instigated by the most minute of things. Dealing with such individuals needs a lot of patience and understanding, not necessarily for them but for all our sake, for harmonious living.

Teach yourself to love every bit of yourself. Look at that mirror, look at that person on the other side really hard , you’ll discover he/she has beautiful eyes,hands, legs…you get the drift, right? Sometimes you’ll have to force yourself to see these things and if that’s what you have to do, then do it. You can’t get these things anywhere else but from yourself. You owe yourself that much. Now that you love yourself, believe in yourself.

Believe that you can achieve those dreams you have. Believe in your ideas. Other people may not see it but so long as you can, go for it. Even when one door closes or a hundred doors close, you don’t give up. Keep pushing and working at it. Change your tactics or strategies if you must, but never stop believing in yourself. Listen to criticism. Improve yourself if necessary but don’t change the dream. And if the “improvements” make you loose your authenticity, don’t change.

Loving yourself may not be easy but life becomes much simpler and easier after. Try it.

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