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Social Responsibility

Responsibility is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly. This applies to all aspects of our lives. Take for instance how often we complain about our church leaders and how they appear to live hypocritical lives and usually I would defend them by saying they are human just like us and it’s unfair for us to expect them to be perfect, which I still believe is true, but lately, I’ve had a different perspective. Seeing how public figures have been flouting the rules and guidelines given by government authorities all over the world is nothing short of despicable. When you become a public figure, a church leader or any kind of leader, you have to understand that it comes with responsibilities. There are people out there who are very impressionable and will do things because they see you doing them.

In a corporate set up for example, there are certain behaviors that leaders exhibit in the office, maybe they come to the office earlier than everyone else or they’ll avoid informal banter at the office just to name a few. I know that we like to claim that people change after they take up leadership roles but that’s because their new roles demand a change in behavior. Their responsibilities change and so should their mannerisms. Whether people do it subconsciously or consciously, they know that being a leader means being an example to their team and you can’t behave the same way you did as a junior. Same case applies to when you become any type of leader in Social Set-ups like churches or families. People look up to you.

It’s so easy to get carried away by the prestige that comes with the new status that we forget the responsibilities. The consequences of your actions are not limited to only you but also the many other people looking up to you. It becomes somewhat confusing during this Covid period when leaders and public figures show us the parties they’re holding or attending and visits to their loved ones and at the same time ask us to avoid social gatherings and visiting each other. How you live your life is your choice, but so long us you share it in the public domain, you need to think about the impact it will have on your followers. Being a public figure isn’t just about fame and money, it comes with responsibilities. Think about that next time.

Remember that whatever position you hold whether at a social or corporate level, it comes with responsibilities. If you’re a parent know that you have a responsibility to set a good example to your kids and even other parents. If you’re an aunt or uncle you have your nieces and nephews, if you’re a youth leader you have your youth, a manager you have your team, a celebrity you have your fans/followers and so on.

If you’re not ready to take up the responsibilities that come with certain roles please do yourself and the society a favor don’t take it up. Roles may evolve with time but the dignity and respect they command should be preserved and observed.

If you enjoyed this please Like, share, subscribe and comment. You can also share your thoughts on email here

If you enjoyed this please Like, share, subscribe and comment. You can also share your thoughts on email here

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