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How to improve your cooking

Cooking made easy

Cooking is an art that should please the eyes and the palate. Often are times we get consumed and fixated on recipes we get online or from cookbooks that we forget to enjoy the process. The overwhelming pressure to replicate to perfection makes the art seem complicated and less appealing to some. Instead, recipes should just be a guide to use to tailor-make dishes to suit your taste and preference.

Don’t get to worked up on getting the measurements right, of course with exception of pastry, it takes the joy out of cooking. Cooking should be fun and adventurous, there are no limits to what you can create. To be a good cook you must get the flavor and texture right. So what do you need to achieve this?


Remember the four tastes, salt, bitter, sour, and sweet? Well, there’s a fifth now, umami, but don’t get carried away by the different types, the four main ones are enough. These are what you need to achieve the best flavors, learn how to balance them all. Experiment with elements of each. Understand that bitter can be balanced by salty, that’s why salt and pepper work so well together. Understand that sweet balances sour, so the next time you put too much acid(e.g lemons) add something sweet like sugar. Play around with different foods and you’ll understand what works and what doesn’t hence improving your cooking.


This one is a bit straightforward. The texture of food is usually dictated by heat. So the texture you hope to achieve be it soft, hard, crispy, depends on the heat applied and the duration taken.

Give more attention to these two, understand them and you will pull off any dish to perfection. Be open to trying out new things, use your imagination to create your own recipes. Challenge the status quo. Embrace the epic fails along the way and make sure you enjoy the journey.

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